Evaluate the Problem
Gaming Questionnaire

Has video gaming become the primary interest and source of pleasure in life?



Has there been a loss of interest in real life activities such as outdoor hobbies, sports, friends, or spending time with family?


When unable to play video games, does the individual exhibit emotions of anger, irritation, restlessness, boredom, sadness, or resentment?


Has video gaming had a negative effect on personal fitness, nutrition, or sleep cycles?


Have relationships with parents significantly worsened since the start of playing video games?


Has video gaming had a negative impact on school performance, professional career, or social life?

"Yes" to 2 or more questions indicates a serious gaming addiction.

 "Yes" to 4 or more questions indications a critical level of gaming addiction.

We define a critical level as the area where gaming addiction is unlikely to resolve independently over time.