-Camp Unplugged Youth (12-17)


-Rise Adult Program (18+)

-Willing to live as a residential guest and participate in program activities.

-Does not require advanced medical care for any serious health condition.

-Is not required to make a long-term commitment, but must be willing to explore the possibility of a life beyond gaming.




The first step is a formal interview with both the participant and parents. This is an in-depth process and time of information gathering in order to create an accurate assessment & plan. At this time, any additional questions or concerns will be discussed. Information and discussion here will be used to determine if the potential participant would truly benefit from Rise Gaming Recovery.



Once it is determined that the participant would benefit from our program, arrangements for scheduling will be made.



Participants will be given a pre-arrival checklist (clothes to bring, personal care items, money, visitor information, telephone usage, and restricted items etc.) Traveling arrangements and documentation will be finalized.


Prior to the start, individual staff members will meet with the participant. Family will also have an opportunity to discuss and collaborate on the creation of a personalized plan with the rest of the staff members.


Program Begins.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What makes Rise Gaming Recovery different than other wilderness or technology detox programs? 

Personal Experience. We understand that gaming isn't cured by getting punitively sent off into the woods on a detox retreat--and that true victorious change comes from collaboration and mutual respect.  Our curriculum focuses on the key lessons and hurdles all gamers must cross when they begin to discover and rebuild their real-life character. Coming from the experience of gamers who have escaped the realm of competitive gaming and have now found joy and success in life, we help others to do the same.

Q2. Why doesn't Rise Gaming Recovery use more traditional therapies like CBT, Dialetical Training?

With both gaming and medical experts on staff, we have found that most traditional therapies including (CBT, Dialectical Techniques, Meditation, Pet/Painting Therapy) are highly ineffective on gamers. Our lessons and coaching sessions are specifically tailored towards the mental, social, and identity processes resting at the core of videogaming and online culture.

Q3. Most rehab programs focus mainly on the detox as the solution, why doesn't Rise Gaming emphasize this?

Although our participants are required to abstain from technology and gaming during the program, RISE is much more than a detox program. As former gamers, we believe that real victory goes far beyond gaming cessation, but a true restoration of lost potential and purpose. We therefore strive to provide the best environment possible for our participants to learn, develop a renewed  vision, and experience a reality greater than the virtual.

Q4. Why San Diego? 

When making the transition away from gaming culture and towards discovering one's real purpose in life, environment is important. For that reason, we chose San Diego with its abundant life experiences and beautiful year-round weather as the ideal place to live, learn, and find new directions.

Q5. What staff are at the facility?

During our 2-month program, the facility is staffed by gaming counselors, MDs, therapists, fitness & nutrition coaches, and house staff.

Q6. Does RISE accept all applicants to it’s program? 

Unlike most programs, we do not accept every applicant and do not forcibly detain gamers against their will as this can often lead to permanent fracturing of familial relationships.  At RISE, we start gamer-to-gamer discussions with our potential candidates, determine specific needs to be tailored, and evaluate their likelihood of success at RISE. These evaluations are conducted free of charge. We are heavily invested in the success of our participants, and as such, are careful to accept only those we truly believe may benefit from our program.

Q7. Does RISE accept insurance?

Although we have many mental and health professionals on staff, our services are currently not reimbursable by insurances as they are tailored specifically for video game addiction. However, we have gone to great lengths in making our 2 month-program as affordable while maintaining an uncompromising and comprehensive itinerary of enriching life experiences.