Meet   the Team

Andrew Wynn, MD

Co-Founder & Gaming Speaker

A San Diego native, Andrew Wynn was formerly an avid competitive gamer for over 15 years. Born into an upper-middle class family, he experienced first hand the addictions of video gaming, the social damages it can have on a divided family, and the consequences of lost time. It is his passion now to help our next generation work through gaming addiction and reclaim life to it's fullest potential. He and his wife are active in the Christian community and spend their time working with underserved and homeless populations in the U.S. and supporting overseas mission hospitals.

Hobbies: Swimming, surfing, playing guitar at nursing homes, salsa dancing, trying new foods.

Deborah Wynn, MD

Co-Founder & Nutrition

Also born and raised in North County San Diego, Deborah Wynn is the youngest of four siblings with a genuine heart for God and people. From a young age, she founded a food distribution providing food to the poorer communities of Escondido, CA and was president of the special needs club "Best Buddies," in highschool. In college she majored in international studies and became fluent in Spanish and Mandarin before entering training for medical missions. She has spent the majority of her life working with children and youth groups and was a large inspiration for the creation of the RISE program.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, running, dancing, drawing, cooking, serving in children's ministry.

Wesley Weber

Lead Gaming Counselor

As a former Grandmaster in Starcraft 2, Wesley is no stranger to the professional gaming world. From competing against the most famous names in MLG to being recruited to train in Korea, he has witnessed first-hand the toll gaming takes on a person's mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. He has since undergone a life-changing transformation of freedom from his addiction to video gaming and re-connection with the non-digital world. Wesley is passionate about helping other young men escape a life of non-stop gaming and discovering their full potential in life. He is full of energy and empathy, loves to listen, and is committed to the pursuit of life changing Truth.


Hobbies: Board games, ultimate frisbee, family outings, and learning new skills

Jesse Kennedy, ASW

Social Counselor

Jesse Kennedy is an active social worker with tremendous experience in the areas of mental health and personal development. Jesse has been a professional musician, music venue manager, and has a past gaming history in both online FPS and Open World Survival games on both console and PC. Known for his “real” yet nonjudgmental, approach, Jesse pulls from his training, education, and personal experience to help others realize their own true potential. His patients often describe him as easy going, approachable, and genuinely caring.

Hobbies: Music, painting, traveling, and graphic design.

Charles Thompson

Fitness Coach

Charles Thompson found his love for athletics early, training for football since the age of eight, and pursuing athletics throughout college. He is now married with two kids and works with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, helping youth from various backgrounds discover their calling in life. For Charles, video gaming is a fond memory. However, he quickly found the reality that was beyond both the virtual and physical world was the only reality worth living for. Regarded by many as a great motivator and excellent instructor, he is passionate about making fitness simple, fun, and encouraging. 

Hobbies: Sports, boardgames, training, family time, outdoors, and anything competitive!

Luke Khuu, M.Div

Activities Counselor

Graduate of San Diego State University and The Master's Seminary, in his college years, Luke Khuu was formely an avid gamer playing "real-time-strategy" titles such as Starcraft, Dota, Warcraft, and a variety of other game consoles. He has since spent the majority of his life serving as a pastor to young adults. As leader of homeless ministries, college groups, marriage counseling, Bible studies, and  community outreach, Luke has a wealth of experience in both counseling and mentorship. He is currently a dedicated husband and grateful father of two growing children and serves as a hospice Chaplain.

Hobbies: Fishing, biking, photography, and outdoor adventuring.