Our Program

Living Quarters

At Rise, we house and cater only to videogamers as that is our primary focus and expertise.  Unlike most rehab programs, the focus of our program is by no means a punitive experience, but rather a time of new experiences, working in collaboration with ex-gamers, and a discovery of new "real life," quests. We believe a comfortable, quiet, and non-stressful environment is an important factor for personal growth, internal processing, and restful recovery. From mattresses to nightlights, every amenity has been carefully chosen to provide a great night's sleep. Bathroom, kitchen, and dining areas are furnished with up-to-date modern appliances. With scenic views of San Diego's beautiful rolling hill landscapes and country-side sunsets, the natural climate provides great opportunity for outdoor activity and recreation. 

Workshops & Counseling

Our small group counseling sessions are led by former competitive gamers who are dedicated to helping others discover a life beyond the virtual. Each member of the workshop team has been selected for their personal experience within the gaming community, who now lead productive and purposeful lives.  The curriculum is involved and incremental, guiding participants on a progressive journey of personal reflection, metacognition, and walking alongside examples who have processed these thoughts already and seen the potential redeemed in their own lives. These meetings will not only focus on personal growth but also allow residents to learn how to strengthen relationships with one another and family at home. We believe a team effort and mutual understanding is essential in reaching each other's long term goals.   

Diet & Fitness

Part of the transformative process in getting free from gaming addiction is the establishment of routine habits and physical disciplines. Because routine exercise and healthy nutrition is foundational to a successful lifestyle, all residents will have hands-on meal & smoothie prep tutorials with a nutrition coach. Additionally, daily physical exercise will be led by an experienced physical fitness trainer. By the end of the program, all participants will be using an allotted personal budget to shop and meal / smoothie prep for themselves and develop their own work-out routine. These habits train participants to focus their lives in every area, which creates space to cultivate self-efficacy and discover future aspirations.

Life Activities

Our core philosophy is that video games are not inherently bad, but rather that they offer an experience that is sub-par when compared with reality. Our program believes that long term success is not achieved merely in the removal of video games, but an experience of something far better and the opportunity to decide differently. At RISE, participants will be immersed into a wealth of diverse activities and experiences, such as Surfing, Rock Climbing, Community Service, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Salsa Dancing, Ice skating, and sunset bonfires on the beaches of La Jolla Shores.

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