"When our son came back from his first year of college with a GPA of almost zero.  We knew there was a problem.  We also know our son enough to know that it was not drug, alcohol, or parties.  It was Videogames.  He had been playing a lot of videogames before he went to college.  We knew that its’s time to make some drastic changed including intervention if we want to save him.  Both my husband and I are physicians, we know that videogame addiction is not the same as other kinds of addiction.  We did not want him to go to any rehab center.  Our fear is that he may give up videogame but then be exposed to a world that may not be best for him. We also did not want a 20-year-old male to be in a house with 13-year-old boys.  With those criteria in mind, we started to research for a place for our son.  We found very little out there that was dedicated to videogame recovery alone.  We came across two facilities.  After research closely, we found that Rise Videogame recovery was the place where the leaders and therapists truly understand what it is we are talking about.  We also appreciated the fact that they view this as a personal mission in life and their focus was on the development of the person as a whole.  Initially, I was a bit concerned with the fact that this was a new outfit. 


One part of the program that we really liked was the pre-program preparation where they spoke with loved ones to get to know the subject, and they spoke with the potential client on a weekly basis to get him ready to accept what is to come. One of their philosophies is that they would only take a people who voluntarily come. This makes sense for success to us.


It was a leap of faith to send our son.  But after only 1 week, he had embraced a healthy lifestyle, lost 10 lbs., and was much more upbeat about life.  We found Andrew and Deborah to be firm but loving.  Clear with their directions and rules. They give a lot of encouragement while educating addressing problems of video game addiction.  They speak from personal experience which my son could relate to.  My son was directionless in life before the program.  As the program concluded, he had made a decision with his living arrangement, work, and school.  Rise Videogame Recovery help make all the connections and arrangements for his transition.  He lost 35 lbs. and started feeling good about who he is where he is going in life and how he looks.  I can’t say enough about Rise.  They may have saved my son and our family.

- MD's JG & DG

To be honest I wasn't so sure about it myself. My own thought was along the lines of "What the heck am I getting myself into? I like playing games. I don't want to stop playing them! The last thing I want to do is to pay money to go to a place where I can't use a cell phone or the internet and where they will try to get me to stop playing video games!"

        But I went anyway. Because I knew it was the right thing to do. There are a few times in a person's life when opportunity of the life-changing, earth-shattering variety comes knocking at your door. Walking into the program, I had nothing to live for. I had no hopes or dreams. I didn't believe in a future that was worth living. I looked around at all the people in the world and felt apart from them. The world had nothing to offer me. Life was painful. I hated being stuck as just plain old me. I felt there was nothing interesting or exciting about myself. I didn't like myself and video games let me escape from that prison. In my heart I knew it was temporary and fleeting. But for a time, the sorrow, pain, fear, guilt and bitter disappointment could wash away as I found myself in a world that made sense. A world that had structure, meaning, and a clearly defined purpose. A world where I was actually good at something and had value to my team. "IRL" was a nightmare I sought to wake up from. But I could never really get away.

Before the program we were all supposed to have goals, things we wanted to get out of the program. My reason for participating was that my parents wanted me to. And I didn't really have any goals. In one of the staff calls in preparation for the program we discussed the goal of having goals. Basically, what I wanted out of the program was to want something. I also had the desire to honor my parents and their sacrifice in making this happen.

        Using that metric, the program has been a huge success for me. I am filled with passion and desire. I am alive! I want many things. I have goals and dreams. My life has undergone a drastic course change. Before the program I was working a dead-end job for $10.00 an hour doing customer service. My motivation was that if I didn't have a job, my parents would be mad and sad. I didn't care about going anywhere. There was no where worth going. Now I am going to become a software developer with the goal of working for one of the big five (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix or Google aka FAANG) and ultimately work on AI and machine learning.

        I could talk at length about how amazing the program is and the specific, unique qualities that make it exceptional. But I'll leave that for another time and place.

- DG, Utah, 31


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