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About Us

RISE Gaming Recovery was created to fight the epidemic of obsessive gaming disorder and an ever increasing wave of young people addicted to video games. In light of ineffective conventional detox  and rehab programs, the RISE program was designed by ex-gamers who understand gamer culture and the alternate online reality on a relevant and personal level. With a detailed curriculum led by a knowledgeable and caring team, RISE offers the best environment for individuals to escape the gaming lifestyle, and an opportunity to redeem lost time and misplaced potential.

Family Conflict


The most common side-effect of video gaming addiction is a long-standing unhealthy relationship between the gamer and his parents. This usually results from many years of ineffective attempts to forcibly control the gamer, cyclic outbursts of verbal/physical anger, and the clashing emotions of disappointment / sadness versus bitterness and resentment. These repeated conflicts can even lead to animosity between siblings and further estrangement as gaming habits progress. Because video game addiction is highly misunderstood and a relatively new phenomenon, it is often a very difficult challenge for parents handle. While a wilderness camp or videogame rehab may be harmful, a recovery retreat has proven to be beneficial in the long run.

Lost Time & Potential

Most gamers are highly talented and gifted individuals that have traded their futures for a life of non-stop gaming. Our ex-gamer staff collectively agree that one of the most tragic consequences of gaming addiction is the loss of precious and irreplaceable time. Although all of our counselors have gone on to lead successful lives, one of the greatest regrets are the months--if not years--wasted upon a false reality. At RISE, we believe the salvaging of time is essential to restoring the potential and future goals of our participants. By walking with experts who understand and can personally relate, RISE provides the best opportunity for growth and change. We are by no means a rehabilitation center, but a reach coaching and leadership recovery developed for transitioning giftedness to real life.

Social Disturbance

A common misunderstanding about video gaming addiction is that it will improve with time. Hardcore gaming addicts often struggle more with social relationships  as societal expectations increase into adulthood. An early exposure to technology and years of playing in a virtual environment leads to difficulties holding conversations, responding with empathy, and managing interpersonal conflicts which can translate into hardships in both the workplace and in marriage. Living for decades in an online reality causes dramatic changes in the emotional and social connections of the brain. The earlier gaming addiction is stopped, the better the outcomes and chance of success. We encourage parents to research all rehabilitation programs / wilderness camps / detox and rehab centers and assess what would be most meaningful.


"My goal throughout the program was to find a path, to find out what to do in the future. Throughout the program you gain many experiences and attributes. One of the most important things I gained from the program was the bonds and friendships you make from living with one another for 2 whole months. You live with each other day after day and you get to understand each other and share personal experiences with everyone on a deeper level. Another is learning to mature and act like an adult. While I was here, I was able to make some life changing decisions that could change my life. For me it was moving from Indiana to San Diego. Where I live there isn't much around and it was harder for me to interact with people because everyone was at least 20 or more minutes away. The last thing I learned was to exercise regularly to keep a healthy lifestyle and practicing the discipline to avoid junk food." 

- NG, Indiana, 20

Gaming History: League of Legends S5 S6 Challenger // Starcraft 2 Diamond 1 // World of Warcraft Top 10 Raiding WOTLK Rank 5 Arenas S7 // Dota 2 6400 MMR // Hearthstone Legend x2 // Heroes of the Storm Rank 1

"I came into this program not knowing what to expect. Now, I’m walking out feeling like a new person. The people I've met here really care about what they are doing for you. A lot of their activities have a purpose like salsa, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee and are very people-type activities, helping get your social skills up to speed. There are caring activities too like church and food distributions. While things like paintball, airsoft, hiking, or frisbee golf are meant as fun focused activities. I really do think Rise is a great program and would recommend to those who need it." 

- JD, Georgia, 18

Gaming History: Smash Ultimate // Overwatch // Team-Fortress 2 // Ratchet and Clank // Paladins

"When you consciously look at the words two “months,” it seems like, in the grand course of a year, a very short time. When you look at the memories and the amount of things that we’ve done, it seems like all of the time in the world. Ultimately, I won’t be able to see the difference in myself as much as the people around me will, but I know that I’ll be heading home with a better head for planning than I’ve ever had before. I can honestly say that the program will stretch you in more ways than you would ever expect or be prepared for on first arrival. From the first “hello” to the last “goodbye,” suddenly you find that your world has shrunk to the ten or less people around you in the very house you live in, and those people will encompass each and every second until you step into the airport or into the car to head home. Whether you want them to or not, they’ll be taking each step with you, so make the most of it. Learn what each step that you take actually means and what direction it will genuinely take you. Then, when you’re ready to head home, you’ll know where your steps will take you."

-MK, Pennsylvania, 20

Gaming History: Warframe // Dungeons & Dragons // Magic the Gathering // Hearthstone // Overwatch // Skyrim